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Give your children an event to remember...

School Leavers Photography

Attention Year 6 leavers, families and primary teachers! Get ready to capture the magic of our special leavers' party event! From the moment you walk through the door to the last dance, we'll be snapping away to freeze-frame every smile, laugh, and unforgettable moment. Parents, teachers, and friends, join us as we create lasting memories of this milestone celebration. Let's make your evening one to remember as we bid farewell to primary school and welcome the adventures that lie ahead. Say cheese and let the fun begin!

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Formal Events

For those seeking a more formal touch to their memories, I offer an option to capture timeless portraits against a professional backdrop, meticulously lit to highlight every smile and twinkle in the eye. Whether it's individual portraits or group shots, this setup adds an elegant flair to commemorate this significant milestone. 

Candid Moments

For those who prefer the spontaneity and authenticity of candid moments, I offer a candid photography option that captures the raw emotions and genuine interactions of the day. No poses, just genuine laughter, heartfelt embraces, and joyous expressions frozen in time.

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Our Portfolio

From July 2023...

  • Free for schools, parents pay per photo.

    2 hr

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